JAMMA Adapters

Here we have a fairly complete collection of arcade JAMMA adapters. I designed these for the games I own and tested them with my games. I put extra care to make sure these are easy to use, safe and work with as many games as possible. At this point, I believe this is the largest selection of JAMMA adapters you’ll find anywhere.

Whenever possible, I try to include bootleg support or alternate pinout configurations. Many of these have been redesigned several times to fix issues and add enhancements, and by the time they make it out to the public, I’m pretty confident they function as expected and are as good as or better than the other adapters available out there.

The prices are also very reasonable, and in most cases cheaper than any other adapters. Shipping costs are always combined and I provide a small discount on large purchases. If you are considering making a purchase, you can either add the adapter to cart from the info pages below, or you can visit my stores (links at the bottom of this page).

If unsure about the right adapter, check out the following list:

Thanks and Happy Gaming!

Conversion Class or Game Specific Adapters

DIY and Universal Adapters