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I provide many of my projects as open source and open hardware, with free downloads. You should be able to find links to the code or gerber files in the appropriate project page, If the link isn’t there, it’s possible that I may not be able to put it up unrestricted. Contact me for more information.

For my other physical hardware projects, there are a few ways to get those and help to support my work. I sell complete products on the following online stores:

For more information on the progress with the dedicated online store and other e-commerce sites, please check this latest blog post.

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Here is the information and links to my most popular projects:

If you aren’t sure about which adapter is required to convert your game, have a look at this page.

In addition, we have here a number of other projects that I’ve been working on.

For a list of all projects, go here

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We’ve also been integrating this site with the online store. While most of the work has already been done, there may still be some lose ends and some hiccups along the way. Please let me know if anything is out of place.