Raspberry Pi to JAMMA Adapter


The Raspberry Pi to JAMMA  is an adapter that will allow your Raspberry Pi to connect to a JAMMA compatible arcade cabinet for an unbeatable multi-game emulation experience.


Here’s a quick summary of the features of the PJ Raspberry Pi to JAMMA adapter.

  • Inexpensive. See pricing information above.
  • Works on all Pi devices with a 40 pin header (no Pi 1 A models unfortunately)
  • Low latency control hardware – joystick and button status updates each frame.
  • Straight, one step digital to analog, video and sound conversion for a clean picture and sound.
  • Native video resolution – no scaling or shimmering artifacts with standard resolution games.
  • Zero latency video – one step digital to analog conversion, no scaler buffering required. 
  • Power monitoring and reporting.
  • Auto shutdown on brownout (with a super capacitor bank) will not chew up your SD card. Just turn off your arcade machine and walk away.
  • Images for major Retropie releases will be provided.
  • Opensource drivers and configuration for more customization.
  • Plugs into JAMMA with SF2 kick harness support.
  • All IO done through GPIO header. Nice and clean with no messy wires.
  • Old skool, through hole design with IC sockets for easy repair and troubleshooting.

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Here are some photos of the PJ adapter connected with a Raspberry Pi2:

Here’s the back side. 

Here is the PJ adapter on its own:

And here’s the other angle. 

More Information

Additional documentation can be found below:

Getting Started:

Joystick, Buttons and Controls:

Video and Audio:

Voltages, Power Monitoring and Shutdown: 



I made of video of the adapter in action as well. Check out the video and sound quality, and see features described in more detail.

Here’s another video I made that shows the Standalone + MiniLauncher image in action: