PJ – Rotating video

This short guide will allow you to change the orientation of your video with the PJ adapter, whether it is generated through HDMI or the JAMMA interface.

Global rotation of all video

This method should work with any of the standalone, mini-launcher or RetroPie images you downloaded from this site.

Write your image to the SD card as you normally would. When finished, take the SD card out of your PC and insert it back in. You should see a boot directory under the drive representing the SD card. Go into the directory and find a file called config.txt. Make a copy of it so you can replace it if something goes wrong. Next, you will need to edit this file so you will need to open it with Wordpad.

Find the the following line which can usually be found near the bottom of the file. Search for it if you have to, as having more than one such configuration line is going to cause problems. If the line doesn’t exist, create it:


The “?” is going to be an integer number from 0-3. The settings correspond to the following number of degrees of rotation.

  • 0 = no rotation
  • 1 = 90 degrees
  • 2 = 180 degrees
  • 3 = 270 degrees

Make the required change and save the file. Eject the SD card from your PC, insert it into your Raspberry Pi, and test the results.

Rotating video in Retropie only

This section is specifically for rotating the video within the Retropie / Emulationstation environment. It won’t work on standalone and mini launcher images.

Launch the Retropie and wait for the menu to show. Go to Retropie settings screen from main menu. Select the following options:

  • Retroarch.
  • Settings > User Interface > Show advanced settings ( turn this On)
  • Go back to the previous menu.
  • Settings > Video > Rotation (270 deg or whatever is required)
  • Go back to the previous menu.
  • Configurations > Save current configuration.

Restart Emulationstation / Retropie if required.