I’ve been working on some projects over the years. Some of these were created for fun or simply because I wanted a challenge and complicate my life. Some were borne out of necessity and others were a small part of something greater that I wanted to create.

In mid-2017 I decided to get myself organized somewhat and document the progress with these projects and ended up putting up this site.

What we have here is a mixture of hardware and software projects. Some of it is fairly mature and pretty much a functioning product that has gone through many design iterations to get there, and some may be in early stages and in need of a bit of additional work.

I provide the information here free of charge and without any warranty, mainly for educational purposes. Hopefully what you’ll find here will be useful to you, but I can’t guarantee that. Feel free to take what you find and tailor it to your needs.

This page is currently under constructions. I’ll put up the links as soon as the project details are posted.

I have lost quite a bit of this site due to a VM crash and I’m still recovering it from all the dead links. Sorry about the inconvenience. I’ll put up the missing information as soon as I find the willpower to do it.

Current Projects:

and a lot more… stay tuned…