Cabinet Adapters

While the goal of a JAMMA adapter is to play a non-JAMMA game on a JAMMA setup, the cabinet adapters here allow you to convert your non-JAMMA cabinet to the JAMMA standard, hopefully without any modification to the wiring.

These adapters can also be used to allow your non-JAMMA cabinet to have a JAMMA switcher installed in it without any or minimal of modifications, and with a combination of additional JAMMA adapters, a variety of both JAMMA and non-JAMMA games installed.

As with my existing JAMMA adapters, I try to include support for cabinets wired for bootlegs, alternate pinout configurations, standard or inverted color monitors (Nintendo cabs only for now), and audio attenuation for cabinets that may have audio amps. The design of these is usually more time consuming due to wiring uncertainties. As a result, chances are that there may be some compatibility problems especially if the cabinet was modified in any way, and many in fact are.

Finally, the button layout and button order on a cabinet may have to be taken into account. Cabinets in the same pinout class may have either one, two or three buttons and there are no guarantees that those buttons will be wired for the correct JAMMA buttons in the correct order, so some small modifications to the wiring may be required. More on that on the page for each individual adapter.

As always the prices are very reasonable, and in most cases cheaper than any other adapters. Shipping costs are always combined and I provide a small discount on large purchases. If you are considering making a purchase, you can either add the adapter to cart from the info pages below, or you can visit my stores (links at the bottom of this page).

If unsure about the right adapter, check out the searchable compatibility list here.

Thanks and Happy Gaming!

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