Modular Supergun

The modular supergun is a project that I developed a while back that consists of various modules that can be very quickly connected together to form a custom arcade supergun or test rig device.

Here’s one of several test rigs that I build using these modules:

Here’s a picture of a set of modules mounted on a plexy and ready to be connected into a functional supergun device.

In order to connect the modules, a dupont type cable will be provided which will plug into the appropriate headers of the modules to be connected.

As of this update, the modules available are:

JAMMA to Headers

This is the hub of the modular supergun. This board contains all the headers for connecting additional modules, a JAMMA connector for your game, and screw in terminals for your powersupply.

More information of this component is here.

Genesis DB9 Controller Interface

Allows you to connect your Sega Genesis controllers. Use a 2×12 pin dupont ribbon cable, or a 24 IDC cable to connect this module to the JAMMA headers board.

Genesis DB9 Interface

More information here

RGB to Component (YPbPr) Converter

A video converter module that outputs component video from your arcade game. Use this to build a supergun that can be connected to your TV. Keep in mind your TV must support 240p.

More information can be found here

RGB to NTSC / PAL Converter

Another video converter module that outputs S-Video or component video from your arcade game.

Additional modules that are currently planned:

USB Controller Module

For connecting typical USB gamepads and joysticks to your JAMMA setup. This is currently in development.

Sync Cleaner

To standardize the video sync output amplitude and width to improve compatibility with different arcade boards when using a video converter module. Currently in design.

This project is currently in progress. More information will be added here as it develops. Some modules may already be available either in kit form or for you to create.