RGB to NTSC / PAL Converter

This is a video conversion module for the modular super gun project. It converts the typical RGB video signal generated by arcade PCBs to NTSC or PAL depending on the jumper pad configuration. The output can be either S-Video or composite video.

The conversion is a simple linear process that does not introduce any conversion lag or delay.

Normally this module would be connected and would take the video signal and power from the JAMMA to Headers board, however it can be used to convert video from other sources. The video output jacks are on the front of the board while the input interface header is on the back of the board for easy mounting.

The board uses a AD722 / AD724 integrated circuit for video conversion. The input signal must also be compatible with the NTSC standard timing and line specifications. Video from some arcade games may not convert correctly due to non-standard line count or incorrect timing. This is extremely critical for NTSC conversion, and these converters are more sensitive to non-standard video than component converters.

Some arcade games generate proper video, but incorrect sync signals. A sync cleaner may require to modify the sync signal for proper conversion to take place.