JAMMA Adapters – Status Updates

I haven’t posted an update in a while. At this point, with 120 JAMMA adapters, the majority of my time is spent filling orders and less developing new projects. While I had some help a while back, it didn’t work out and I’m now back to doing all of the work myself. This includes assembly, running the store, filling orders, packing and shipping.

Nevertheless, I managed to design a number of new adapters recently. Here’s the list and status:

  • Taito L-Shape Space Invaders – This is for the original Taito, non-North American version of Space Invaders. Prototype stage.
  • Tehkan World Cup – This also covers the other two games in the pinout class, including Tee’d Off, Gridiron Fight, and of course Tehkan World Cup. This is for the non-bootleg boards that use trackballs. Joystick -> trackball conversion is built in.
  • The Pit – The Zilec / Centuri boulder dash like game. Ready for release.
  • Gorf – The Midway cage system. Adapter includes video conversion (YUV -> RGB) and sound amplification. All cage games like Wizard of Wor, Gorf, Robby Roto have unique pinouts. Working prototype stage.
  • Wizard of Wor – Midway cage. See above. Working prototype stage.
  • Jack the Giant Killer – Cinematronics. Should also be compatible with other cinematronics games like Zzyzzyxx, Freeze, and possibly others as many run on this hardware, though that hasn’t been confirmed and verified. Ready for release.
  • Polaris – Taito. May work on other Tatio games. Ready for release.
  • Cook Race – Common bootleg version of Burgertime. Ready for release.
  • Zaccaria. For games like Jackrabbit, Money Money. Zaccaria made many games with unique pinouts and only a handful with this pinout here. Ready for release.
  • Atari Warlords – For the uncommon atari spinner game. Joystick to spinner conversion included for testing. Prototype stage.
  • Atari Pole Position. For the popular driving game licensed from Namco which has a different “Atari” pinout. Analog controls are simulated with a mictrocontroller. Late prototype stage.
  • Bally Sente SAC-1. For the cart system. The adapter requires additional control mappers as controls for each cart are pretty much unique. Beta testing nearly complete.
  • Bally Midway MCR. For the MCR-1, 2, and MCR-3 system boards. This adapter also requires control mapper boards. Working prototype stage.
  • Bally Midway Monoboard. For MCR monoboards. A number of MCR games exist on this system (Two Tigers, Sarge, Demolition Derby), as well as unique games (Rampage, RPM Racing, Xenophobe, Spy Hunter II). Control mappers required. Prototype stage.
  • Bally Midway Super Pacman – the second iteration of this adapter with less confusing front entry female connectors. Beta testing.
  • Astro Invaders – Stern / Konami. Cage system developed for Stern by Konami. Unique pinout. Ready for release.
  • Astro Fighter – DECO / Sega Gremlin. Unique pinout. Prototype stage.
  • Nintendo Donkey Kong TKG3 – For the small 3 stack variant of Donkey Kong and Radar Scope. Beta testing.
  • Sega Gremlin G80 – Cage system. For games like Astro Blaster. Supporting only raster for now. Early prototype.
  • Sega Gremlin VIC / Dual – For games like Invinco, Head On 1/2, Depth Charge and many others. Both Black and White and color games will be supported.
  • DECO Mad Rider / Mad Alien. DECO cage system. Unique pinout. Design complete, starting prototype stage.
  • DECO Cassette. Design complete, starting prototype stage.

Probably one or two more that I’m forgetting about. Keep an eye out for these on my store or this site. Thanks for checking this out and your continued support!