Atari Dig Dug to JAMMA Adapter


Atari was an arcade powerhouse in the 1980. They also licensed a number of games from various other manufacturers for distribution in North America and Europe. The ended up licensing several big releases from Namco including one of their hits, Dig Dug.

Strangely enough, Atari redesigned all of Namco’s boards, and in the case of Dig Dug more than once. For this reasons the Atari version of Dig Dug has a unique pinout. The pinout is compatible with both versions of Atari Dig Dug, but not compatible with the Namco version or other Atari games licensed from Namco.



This adapter follows the following pinout scheme:

(PCB edge connector facing away, list is ordered right to left)

Compatible Games

This is the list of compatible games that can be used with this adapter:

The adapter has been tested with a genuine version of Atari Dig Dug.

Important: This adapter is not compatible with the Namco (Japanese version) of the game. That version uses the Namco Galaga pinout for which you can find the adapter here.

Revision History:

Rev 1.0: Initial Design. This is the currently available version.


Board Size: 45mm x 112mm
Current Carrying Capacity: 5V – 12A, 12V-3A