Recent Site Updates

I spent the last couple of weeks or so testing the new JAMMA adapters, and updating this site. Most of the JAMMA adapter pages are now online and are complete.

According to what’s on the site, I have 30 game / conversion class specific adapters listed, 3 universal adapters listed, and 2 more adapters which are work in progress. The 2 unlisted adapters are the Orca Type B adapter (needs redesign for 2 button games) and the Space Invaders adapter which I literally just assembled and still need to write the code for.

I will also be working on a couple more adapters. One that I’m kind of excited about is a Sega Naomi to JAMMA adapter which will eliminate the need for a Naomi / Capcom adapter and will allow the use of a ATX power supply with your Naomi system.

I’ll post some news on this as the project moves forward.

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