Rasperry Pi to JAMMA project link is live again

This is long overdue… I know.

I really wanted to get some info out on this project, but just never found the motivation to do it. Recently though, I’ve been getting many questions regarding the progress so I figured it’s probably a good time to post some information now.

While this work is progressing quite well, it is a rather complex project and it’s taking time. There are also options I’m exploring as well, as the design is being tested. There is a chance to simplify the audio section as the cost of control response. I haven’t completed the audio work yet and don’t know if it’s going to be worthwhile. This is probably the last piece in the puzzle before the design is finalized.

As I’m exploring options, I’ve been looking at the possibility of making something like this for the Orange Pi as well. This may or may not be possible. I mean, it is most likely possible as technically most things are, but I don’t know if I can deliver good video quality at a low enough cost and complexity. I may need to experiment a little.

Orange Pi would be ideal for this project, as it’s lower cost, readily available and has significantly better performance than the Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, unlike the Raspberry Pi, it doesn’t have the capability of outputting video over the gpio headers, not out of the box at least. I think though, that it may be possible to sacrifice the performance of one of the four CPU cores of the Orange Pi, and via some additional circuitry, bit-bang the low res video out. I will experiment with this for a bit and report back on it later.

Anyway, before I digress any further, here’s the link to the project page.


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