More ways to get my stuff.

We’ve been working on setting up a new online store over the last few weeks and working on putting stuff up on other e-commerce sites for a larger online footprint since we don’t do any marketing here whatsoever.

Every sale that I’ve had since I started this almost 4 years ago has been from word of mouth support from people that liked these projects. For that I am tremendously grateful, and to those that helped spread the word, a big “Thank You!” from the bottom of my black heart.

Up until now I’ve been selling my products only on ebay, which has worked fairly well so far, but there are some obvious issues with that. Having a dedicated online store will give buyers more choice in terms of where to shop, and for me, more online presence and more control to do the things I need to do.

I’m sure this will be a welcome addition. While I will continue to sell on ebay, you will see some changes over the next few weeks here, that will integrate this site with the new store to make the shopping experience a lot smoother. Also, there will be more places out there on the web where these products will be available.

For now if you are interested in a sneak preview, my projects can be found on the following platforms:

These links may not be fully functional until the stores launch at the end of March hopefully. See you there.