Beta Testing Status

First of all, let me thank everyone that took a chance on my new project releases and helped my test them. Special thanks for the people out there (you know who you are) that reported back with feedback and provided suggestions on how to improve things.

The last few months were pretty exciting getting folks out there to put my stuff through the paces. These were some of my most complex projects to date and so the pressure was on.

Now that this is completed, based on the feedback I received, I believe these products are ready for public release:

  • PJ – Raspberry Pi to JAMMA Adapter
  • JAMMA Mate
  • JAMMA Test Card
  • Video Testers (4 different designs)
  • Cabinet Adapters (11 out of 12 at least)
  • New JAMMA Adapters

I will be adding more information on these projects to the site, then listing them on Ebay soon after. Please check these out if you are interested and a big thank you in advance if you chose to support my work.