End of Year Project Status

People have been asking me about the current projects that I’ve posted about here. Here’s a more detailed look at where things are with the projects that are work in progress or not currently available:

Major Arcade Projects:

  • PJ – Pi to Jamma – mostly tested working, last revision in fabrication
  • JammaTest – mostly tested working, last revision in fabrication
  • JammaMate – mostly tested working, last revision in fabrication
  • JammaMinigun – working on video conversion issues, release unknown at this point.

JAMMA Adapters – Here’s a list of the adapters that are work in progress and status:

  • Midway Space Invaders – avaliable at limited quantities
  • Alpha Denshi – available but unlisted
  • Gottlieb – testing (need Qbert sound and Krull / Mad Planets pcb)
  • Rally-X – available but unlisted
  • Taito – available but unlisted
  • Tecfri – available but unlisted
  • Atari DigDug – testing (my Digdug board is busted)
  • Nintendo Playchoice 10 Single – tested working
  • Nichibutsu A (Frisky Tom, Seicross, Radical Radial) – tested working
  • Taiyo – available but unlisted
  • Bagman – in fabrication
  • Taito Space Invaders – in fabrication

Miscellaneous Arcade – Projects for the modular supergun or misc arcade boards.

  • JAMMA Generic Adapter PCB – available but unlisted
  • Fingerboard – available but unlisted
  • JAMMA to Headers – available but unlisted
  • Genesis Controller Module – available but unlisted

Video Testers:

  • Arcade Monitor Tester – last revision in fabrication
  • VGA Monitor Dongle – last revision in fabrication
  • TV Tester – last revision in fabrication

Logic Analyzer Probes – I have had difficulty manufacturing these while making them reasonable priced. As a result I am not selling these at the moment until I come up with a good strategy on how to do this. May involve gettin a pick and place machine and making them myself.

Other Electronics:

  • Reflow Oven Controller – available, contact me for details

As you can see I piled a bunch of outstanding stuff with the goal of wrapping up most of these at the end of the year. While most of these are completed and ready to be released it will take the next few weeks (January and February) to document everything and get it out there. Stay tuned for more info.

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