Modular Supergun project

If you have been following my blog, you know that I’ve been building a single board supergun device which I named the Minigun. Project page can be found here.

While I’ve been developing this product, I realized that there may be a need for a simplified device, or rather a set of smaller, distinct components that can be easily integrated together to create a supergun like device that is customized to the user’s need. 

This became very apparent when I began to build an arcade / JAMMA test rig for my new lab. A test rig may not require fancy features like autofire or button mapping, but may require the ability to output video in several formats, or more than one way to add controls to a game.

The result of this is a set of boards that can be easily connected via inexpensive dupont cables, that create the required functionality. The current set of boards include:

  • JAMMA to pin headers board – this is the hub of the system. Plenty of 2.54mm dupont headers allow other boards to be connected. Screw in headers for power rails for easy power supply.
  • RGB to Component board – allows RGB video to be displayed on a 240p capable TV that can accept component video.
  • RGB to Composite / S-Video board – allows RGB video to be displayed on a TV that can accept Composite and S-Video signals. Due to the difficulty in creating proper chroma signals from non standard arcade RGB video, this may not be viable for all arcade boards and televisions. 
  • DB9 controller board. Allows you to use a DB9 joystick or Sega genesis controllers as inputs. 
  • USB controller board. Allows you to use a USB joystick as your inputs.

Pick and chose the functionality you need and connect the boards together to create a custom test rig or supergun device. 

These boards will eventually be sold either as already assembled or low cost DIY kits. More information on this project will be available soon. 

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