New JAMMA adapters coming soon.

I have received a new set of JAMMA adapters that I’ve been designing over the last few weeks. This set includes new adapters and updates to old designs. 

New adapters include:

  • Tecfri – for Tecfri developed games like Hole Land, Sauro, Crazy Rally, etc… 
  • Rally-X – for Namco Rally-X which differs from the typical Galaxian / Pacman pinout type Namco used during this period.
  • Atari Digdug – for the Atari licensed variant of the Namco developed game. 
  • Nintendo Playchoice 10 Single Monitor – for the single monitor version of the PC-10 hardware. This adapter will be capable of displaying the counter on-screen as an overlay on top of the game video.
  • Taito Gladiator – for the somewhat popular Taito Gladiator that I’ve been getting a lot of requests for. 

Changes to existing adapters include:

  • Galaxian – added support for Eagle and better handling of bootleg audio
  • Nintendo VS – improved video and audio section
  • Nintendo – improved video and audio section

These adapters will be listed on Ebay after they are thoroughly tested. 

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