Lost the Website!

It’s been a while since the last update.

Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with my web host. For some time now I was having problems with the virtual machine. Initially it had some data corruption, then I lost access to it, and eventually the VM went down completely. I was on vacation at that time so I didn’t pursue it, but when I got back it turned out that the VM was lost and could not recovered. At least the support staff was quick to tell me that.

I’ve been able to recover the site from an old backup, but I’ve lost a bit of information that was posted earlier and will have to repost it. Not looking forward to that.

Lesson to be learned? Need to back it up after every change, or at least more often.  I’m not letting this happen again, and with the web host that I’m using, it’s very likely that I will be having issues.

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