VGA Test Dongle

This is a battery operated signal generator / tester for VGA monitors. It intended to be taken on the road to test old VGA monitors, whether it’s for touchscreen countertop games, or old PCs. It supports the 15.7kHz video mode (320×240 non-vga standard) to help you find those elusive LCD panels that can be used for console and arcade gaming natively.

Here are some of the features of the VGA Test Dongle:

  • Tiny – about the size of a VGA cable plug and fits in your pocket
  • Battery Operated – about 5 hours battery life on a crappy CR2032
  • Supports the following video modes:
    • 15kHz – (320×240) originally for arcade monitors
    • 31kHz – (640×480) original VGA resolution
    • 38kHz – (800×600) original SVGA resolution
  • Supports the following tests in each mode:
    • Grid – for geometry and convergence checks
    • Checkerboard – for geometry and contrast checks
    • Color Bars – for color check and adjustment
    • Solid Color – for burn in and degaussing
    • Running Color Bars – bloom and color uniformity
    • Hollow / Filled Box – for bloom artifact check
    • Text – Raster direction / yoke check

To operate the dongle, plug it directly into the monitor side VGA port and turn in on. Press the MODE button to cycle through the available video modes, and TEST to cycle through the tests.

Here are some images of the VGA test dongle board and the tester in action.

For additional information on this and other video testers please check out the following video:

Finally, here is a guide on how to use to tests to confirm proper operation of a monitor and adjustments.