Pin Label Generator

This tool allows you to dynamically create pin label stickers for your ICs, connectors and other devices from a list of pin names, the device size and some parameters from your printer.

A list of commonly used parts can be found here. Check this first before creating a new one. For a tool that can create a tiled set of images for the entire label, go here.


    The most important thing here is the device (or label) size and the printer DPI (Dots per Inch) value to ensure that the label is of the correct size. Most label printers are 203 DPI or 300 DPI. Household printers range from 300 DPI to 1200 DPI or more. Please ensure you have the right number for your printer or you may have have to scale your image when printing. Print scaling should otherwise be turned off.

    All sizes are in inches. Typical sizes for a standard DIP IC are 0.25″ width, or 0.5″ width for the wide parts like older DIP CPUs, RAMs and ROMs. Pins spacing is typically 0.1″.

    Pin names is a comma separated list. The height of the label will be determined by the pin count and the pin spacing.