Generic JAMMA Adapter


This is a low cost generic adapter kit that consists of a female edge connector and a JAMMA conversion board where you supply your own wire and do your own wire cutting and soldering to create your own custom JAMMA adapter. Unlike the Universal JAMMA adapters available here, which take only a fraction of time to assemble, the benefit of using this one is the smaller footprint and much lower cost. This is more geared towards experimentation and prototyping, where creating a permanent and clean adapter isn’t the end goal.

The adapter board consists of clearly labelled soldering pads on the JAMMA side, holes for routing wires from solder/parts side for a design that minimizes wire clutter ensuring that the wires stay put, and a permanent label area.

The kit will be available in either the 36 pin, 44 pin and 56 versions. The difference will only be the connector that’s shipped with the kit. The board included in all kit versions will be the same however.


The edge connector and board that come with the kit. This one is a 56 pin connector.
Partially assembled 44 pin adapter for Missle Command without control mapping.
Back (solder) side of the partially assembled Missle Command adapter.
Easy to read labels on every pin.


Any 36, 44, or 56 pin arcade PCB that requires simple wire mapping without any additional circuitry.

For instructions on how to assemble these adapters for your conversion, please see the configuration Tutorial here.

Revision History

Rev 1.0: Current Version.


Board Size: 100mm x 112mm