JAMMA TrackSpin


Allows you to use your JAMMA joystick setup to control trackball or spinner games.

JAMMA Trackspin, is a JAMMA passthrough card with a built-in spinner and trackball emulator that is compatible with most games that require those types of controls. JAMMA games that have a spinner or trackball wired to the pins where normally a joystick would be connected, will work out of the box. Other games may require additional wiring changes or adapters.



  • High Compatibility – The card faithfully emulates industry standard trackball / spinner, generating precise motion signals that are compatible with most games including the ones from Taito, Atari, Irem and more…
  • Passthrough Card – All JAMMA functions are passed through with the exception of joystick pins which are replaced with trackball / spinner control signals.
  • Adjustable Speed – Set your base trackball or spinner motion speed with a built in adjustment pot.
  • Boost Mode – Use a button (selectable via jumper) to double your speed!
  • Reverse Direction – Use a jumper to reverse the direction of either the X or Y axis.
  • Swap Axis – X and Y axis can be swapped via a simple jumper change.


Games that have been tested and found working with the card:

  • Gigas (with adapter)
  • Cabal
  • Arkanoid (with adapter)
  • Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh
  • Big Event Golf (with adapter)
  • Pound for Pound
  • Goindol (with adapter)
  • Homo Sapiens (with adapter)
  • Brick Zone
  • Attaxx
  • Golden Tee

.. and likely many, many more….

Revision History:

Rev 1.0: Initial Release.


Board Size: 50mm x 112mm
Current Carrying Capacity: 5V – 12A, 12V-3A