Connecting the Gigas JAMMA Adapter

Gigas can be connected to an arcade JAMMA cabinet in a couple of different ways. If using the game with a spinner controller, the spinner must be wired to the PLAYER 1 or PLAYER 2 LEFT and RIGHT joystick controls.

The adapter daughter board cable must be plugged in as shown below:

Here is another closeup of the daughterboard connector. Note that the last 4 pins (6-10) are not connected (NC):

In this situation the spinner controls the game as normally intended, and the JAMMA adapter can be used in spinner multi game cabinet, with games like Arkanoid, Goindol and others. Please be aware that some spinner games may interpret spinner movements differently so some adjustments, such as left / right wire reversal may be required at the control panel.

The adapter can also be used with the TrackSpin Trackball and Spinner adapter that simulates an actual spinner. In this way the game can be controlled with a regular JAMMA joystick. This can be useful for testing the game.

In this scenario the adapters have to be connected in the following manner: