CPS-2 Battery of Death Replacement Guide

Hey everybody,

I spent some time last weekend changing all my CPS-2 batteries and I thought I’d write a tutorial on how to do this. My record for doing these is about 30/30 right now, so I feel that the procedure I use is pretty reliable and at this point I feel confident sharing my information with everyone.

You can find the guide here in the new Guides section.

Also, if you’re in the Toronto area and need someone to do the work for you, contact me and we’ll likely be able to work something out. ┬áThe work will be fully guaranteed and the prices will be very reasonable, but I haven’t decided on the exact amount yet.


I’m going to be posting some information about projects that I’ve been working on recently that I would like to share with you.

Coming up first will be a nice selection of JAMMA adapters for arcade PCBs that I’ve been designing over the last few weeks. Most are in the prototype stage, but I’ll have them ready for purchase in a couple of weeks. This is the current list of the adapters.

1. Capcom
2. Sega System 8
3. Sega System 16
4. Konami
5. Data East
6. Tehkan
7. Taito
8. Namco Galaxian
9. Namco Pacman
10. Irem
11. Phoenix
12. Mr.Do Universal
13. Namco Galaga
14. Nintendo
15. Universal (56 pin)

More info coming soon… stay tuned.